The art Lluís Carulla Ruiz practices reminds me of the great moments in the history of shapes: the plane against perspective, superimpositions on a two-dimensional level from another time, setting the creator into mental motion and placing the experiment in the visitor’s hands. Movement and colour schemes codify and differentiate the entire given surface. His objects form part of movement because movement can be found within that which is static. He is not concerned with a visual representation of shapes, and their representation with words, but rather, that whatever lies within the interior of existence may reach us. After all, life is movement and rhythms, seeking balance between many other systems.

Vicenç Altaió

Blue Sea Urchin’s

Blue Sea Urchin

BLUE SEA URCHIN. Sculptures inspired by sea urchin’s.

Red Sea Urchins

Red Sea Urchin

RED SEA URCHIN. Sculptures inspired by sea urchin’s.

GREY SAE URCHIN. Elegant grey gradient sculpture.

ALGAE. Sculptures inspired by the plants of the sea

Red Algae

Red and Grey Algae

TIME MACHINE. Sculptures inspired by the three times that govern life, past, present and future.

Time machine

Lluis Carulla in Can Mario museum

Video of Sculpture Time Machine in movement


Three times

Quantum sequence

Yellow Quantum

Quantum sculptures videos

INFINITE. Collection inspired by the rotary movements of the galaxies, playing with the infinite shapes generated by the sculpture movement

Video sculpture Infinite.


OV LABYRINTH. Oval geometric shapes in different planes that form a set of lines and perspectives

MUSIC SHEET. This collection is the creation of a new music sheet, from shapes that represent notes, and colors that can be the intensity of the notes.